Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fantasy Fluke

I made a poor error in judgement when managing my fantasy NFL team over the weekend. It almost cost me a win.


I had a feeling that Arian Foster wouldn't play well for Houston so benched the running back in place of Baltimore's Bernard Pierce.

I then upgraded another running back, Pittsburgh's Le'veon Bell, to my starting line-up

By the end of Sunday, I was kicking myself as Foster had scored 23.10 points whilst Pierce had only secured me 0.90.

Thankfully, Bell had a great game with two touchdowns, 57 yards rushing and 27 yards receiving giving me 20.40 points.

I was still a number of points behind my opponent for the week, though.

After all the Sunday games, he had 95.80 in total. I was sitting on 90.48 with Miami tight end, Charles Clay, to play on Monday night so victory rested upon his shoulders.

He assisted me to a W with 42 receiving yards and 1 touchdown (10.20 points).

Despite the close call, I'm 4-0 for the season.

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