Thursday, September 05, 2013

Kick Off

It has finally arrived.

The kick off to the new NFL season starts tonight.

The current Super Bowl champions, Baltimore, will be playing the Denver Broncos.

My gut is telling me that the Broncos will win. However, I'm not going to bet on it as, to win Denver must overcome a nine-and-a-half point handicap.

I guess that means I'm not confident taking either team on the pointspread.

As for who I think will end up winning the Super Bowl in February - we'll see them tonight.


I took advantage of  an offer from BetVictor that ends tonight where the company will refund all losing Super Bowl bets if New England win.

So, I have a some insurance should the Broncos fail to make it past New England in the play-offs (if that scenario does play out in January).

We're still a long way off from February. We have a lot of good games to watch before then. I hope.

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