Tuesday, April 02, 2013

WrestleMania XXIX Odds

As I noted yesterday, betting websites like Paddy Power and William Hill have now released the odds for the matches at WrestleMania.

I am unsure whether I will end up betting on the event this year. There is no value in the two bouts that I am confident in. With that said, I'll give a rundown on the matches, the odds and share with you my leans.

From the top we have the WWE championship bout between John Cena (1/10) and the current WWE champion - The Rock (11/2).

Cena lost the first meeting between the two at last year's WrestleMania so the story going in to this year's show is focused on Cena's quest for redemption.

I think it's a lock that Cena gets his win back here.

The Undertaker (1/16) will defend his 20-0 WrestleMania win streak against CM Punk (7/1). There is no point even considering a Punk victory.

I have said it year after year - The Undertaker will never lose a bout at WrestleMania so I'm also going to call this a lock.

With the two locks out of the way, things are now starting to get a bit tricky.

If we're going by wrestling logic, Triple H (2/9) should be victorious in his battle against Brock Lesnar (3/1). Lesnar defeated HHH at SummerSlam this past August so back then it was evident that a rematch would take place where Hunter got his win back.

The only thing working against the aforementioned logic is the fact that Lesnar was on a one-year contract back in August. He has since signed a new deal which means he will be working for World Wrestling Entertainment for at least another year (from the top of my head, I believe he signed a two year extension but am not 100% sure).

With next year's WrestleMania rumoured to include a match between The Rock and Brock Lesnar, people have argued it would be foolish to have Brock Lesnar lose on Sunday. I am of the opinion that he can be rebuilt before WrestleMania XXX so they should stick to the original plan.

Alberto Del Rio (1/3) will defend the World heavyweight title against Jack Swagger (9/4) in a match I am finding hard to call.

It all depends on WWE's plans for Dolph Ziggler.

If they want Ziggler to cash in his immediate title shot that he has as winner of the Money in the Bank, then Del Rio should defeat Swagger to retain the belt. They should then have Swagger beat down Del Rio after the bell, have Ziggler come out, cash in the title shot and defeat Del Rio for the belt.

That way they get the belt off Del Rio and further the feud between him and Swagger and then have a fresh storyline for the belt with Dolph Ziggler as champ.

If that is how things are going to play out, it's worth having a punt on Team Hell No (11/10) to retain the WWE tag team titles against Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston (4/6) as it would make no sense putting the tag belts on Ziggler if he is going to win the world title later in the show.

I believe The Shield (2/9) will win against Randy Orton, Big Show & Sheamus (3/1). I can see Randy Orton turning on his partners in this one to cost them the win.

The final match in the market is the battle between Mark Henry (3/1) and Ryback (2/9). I am going against the odds on this one and selecting Mark Henry for the simple reason that a majority of the outcomes on paper seem to be getting won by babyfaces. A heel needs to win here and there to try and balance things out a bit so I'll take the underdog to win here.

Did I just call Mark Henry an 'underdog'?

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