Monday, March 11, 2013

I Hate To Say 'I Told You So', But..

It looks like my ESPN UK prophecy was spot on.

As from this summer, ESPN will leave the UK having sold their contracts and channel to BT.

Back in the autumn of 2012, I speculated that ESPN would quit the UK after failing to secure the Premier League television rights as well as taking themselves out of the running to air NFL programming on their channels.

A few know-it-alls called me out on this. They pointed out that even if ESPN did leave this country, ESPN Classics and ESPN America would still exist as they were run by different branches of the company.

It is looking like ESPN Classics will cease transmission once ESPN UK goes.

ESPN America will remain on TV in the United Kingdom. However, the station will stop airing in Europe which leads me to suspect that a towel could be thrown in on the UK in the future.

I dislike being right. Sometimes.

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