Sunday, February 10, 2013

40-1? You're Having A Laugh!

Looks like Chelsea FC has a fan in Hulk Hogan.

That's one of the conclusion I could reach when I looked at his predictions for the weekend Premier League games.

Hogan was taking part in the Mark Lawrenson prediction feature on the BBC website where Lawrenson goes head-to-head with another famous face in predicting the scoreline for the weekend's football.

The Hulkster picked Chelsea to win their game against Wigan by forty goals to one.

Yes - you read that correctly. 40-1,

The other games on his card were regular scorelines so he was either doing typical Hogan hyperbole or there was a typo on the page.

I'll bet it's the former.

Had Hogan nixed the zero, he would have been spot on. The Blues won 4-1.

His other predictions were:

Tottenham 3 Newcastle 0
Norwich 0 Fulham 0
Stoke 2 Reading 0
Sunderland 0 Arsenal 1
Swansea 1 QPR 2
Southampton 1 Man City 1
Aston Villa 0 West Ham 0
Man Utd 3 Everton 1
Liverpool 3 WBA 3

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