Monday, December 20, 2010

From The Weekend

It is a toss-up between writing about how poor Sky Sports' coverage of NFL Red Zone was or how my weekend bet did for today's post.

I think I'll take the egotistical route.

I did a £45 Lucky 15 bet (£3 a line) and managed to get all four selections right. Here are the selections and some notes on how I won:

Cincinnati -1

The 'Battle of Ohio' against Cleveland. The Bengals won this game 19-17 so I barely won. I have every right to celebrate this victory, though. I've been burnt by -1 teams quite often in the past I have to celebrate when I cover.

Buffalo +5

This was one of the key games in the Gold Sheet newsletter as well as on a email service I subscribed to for $1 earlier this year. Not only that, but my own little system had pegged the Bills to cover. They did so by beating Miami 17-14.

OVER 41.5 points in the Denver vs Oakland game

The game finished 39-23 to the Oakland Raiders. It got off to a great start with the first quarter having twenty-eight points. At that point, it was a matter of when - rather than if - I won.

New York Jets +6

This was my personal favourite of the weekend. I was speaking to a friend who is a Jets fan and I was telling her how confident I was in them beating the Steelers. I hadn't bet on them at that moment in time and checked out the line. I was guessing they would be at around +3 but was surprised to see them at +6. I left it for two days because I wasn't sure whether to bet on them in a single or mix them in with other selections. By Sunday, when I was about the place the bet, I noticed they had gone down to +4 in all the betting sites. I was able to find them still at six on Stan James so decided to do get the value and place the bet there. The Jets won the game outright.

I finished the weekend £181.66 in profit. The best result of the season. So far?

No - So far!

Tomorrow, I will turn my attention to NFL Red Zone.

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