Sunday, July 07, 2024

John Cena To Embark On A Retirement Tour

John Cena made a surprise appearance at WWE Money in the Bank 2024 last night. 

It wasn't the only shock he delivered at the event.

During his segment in front of the Toronto crowd, and to a live TV audience, Cena announced his intention to leave from active professional wrestling.

The wrestler will return to WWE in 2025 for what will be his retirement tour. At the time of last night's promo, he laid out that his schedule will call for appearances at next year's Royal Rumble from Indianapolis, the Elimination Chamber and the Las Vegas hosted WrestleMania XLI.

Later on, during the post-show press conference, Cena expanded on his exit plans and noted that - even though he mentioned his appearances from the start of 2025 through to Mania - he will be making at least forty dates which obviously means his final run will exceed beyond the spring event and will carry on until late next year.

Cena has been a polarising figure with professional wrestling fans. As the number one star in the business during WWE's post-boom period, he was loved by many and loathed by the rest. The 'Let's Go Cena' chants were always followed by 'Cena Sucks' responses at arenas across the world.

As for me? Well - I am on the pro side. 

The bout which confirmed it for me was at WWE Judgment Day 2005 when he defeated John 'Bradshaw' Layfield in an 'I Quit' match. Going in, I didn't think the contest would be any good. Both men surprised me that night. I've always determined that as the moment when I accepted Cena as the then top star in the company.

The business needed Cena when it did. He will leave it in a much better place.

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