Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Dr Pepper Now #2?

I came across a story this morning which indicated that Dr Pepper had taken over Pepsi as the second-best soda in the USA.

'Interesting,' I thought. So I looked more into it.

Dr Pepper has been around for 139 years and its recent rise in popularity has been attributed to good marketing, the introduction of spin-off flavours (there's a coconut edition coming out in the US!) and TikTok trends.

I am happy to see the drink getting into second place whether that be as the joint-second or sole second (a few articles have pointed to Dr Pepper sharing second place with Pepsi rather than replacing it in that spot).

I'm on record as stating that it is one of the drinks which reminds me very much of my visits to Germany in the 1980s because I first drank the pop over there while staying with my American relatives. 

If I had a choice between a can of Dr Pepper or Pepsi, I'd pick up the former ten times out of ten. 

With that said - I would take a regular Pepsi over a regular Coca-Cola, so my ranking would be a jumble if contrasted with the actual order of things.

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