Monday, April 08, 2024

Mania XL - Night Two Thoughts

I have just finished watching night two of WWE WrestleMania XL and thought I'd share some thoughts before I head off to bed.

A great show. 

The conclusion is what I'll remember it best for. Cody Rhodes has finally won the big one after beating Roman Reigns.

For the past two years, since Rhodes returned, the focus has been on him doing what his father - Dusty Rhodes - didn't do as a performer for the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and win the title.

Cody has done that.

The show closed with friends and family of Rhodes in the ring celebrating.

It was so cool.

I'm going to spare a thought for Roman Reigns. His lengthy run as champion - for almost four years - was something we will unlikely see again. It built to tonight's moment. And made it all the more significant.

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