Wednesday, March 06, 2024


I am currently sitting in front of my TV watching the live New Japan Pro Wrestling show.

It's the company's annual event to celebrate its birthday. This year, NJPW is fifty-two years old. 


I have the Japanese feed on the Apple TV. It isn't the choice I wanted, though.

For some reason, I cannot find a way to watch the event with the English commentators. I know they're in the building because I looked up Walker Stewart's Twitter account and he has photographs from inside the building.

I know I could switch my iPad on and then watch the English feed through the NJPW World website. However, I spent years wanting a NJPW World app on the Apple TV and my wish was granted.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to get the stream with my native language.

I was able to catch the English streams for the January events*, so I don't know what is going on.

I'm not completely miffed, though.

I used to have to wait months for videocassettes of New Japan shows to be delivered to my door back in the day. Those events had Japanese commentary and the picture was not the best.

Now, thirty-plus years later, I get to watch these events live. On a HD TV. Plus, the Japanese commentary is always fun to listen to.

It could be a lot worse. 

UPDATE: I've finally worked out how to do it! There is a setting button which pops up if you hit the selection button on the Apple TV remote. You can toggle between Japanese and English commentary on it. However, as I write this, the sound is not synced up with the picture. So, it's back to the Japanese comms!

* The English feed for WrestleKingdom broke after the initial matches, so I watched the Japanese stream for the rest of the show

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