Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Breakaway Has Been Taken Away

Nestle has gone and done it again.

The latest item to be discontinued by the drink and food makers is the Breakaway chocolate biscuit.

Breakaway Chocolate Biscuit

The best way to describe Breakaway is that it's a long(ish) digestive biscuit coated in chocolate but wrapped like a chocolate bar.

It has, according to the story I just read, been around since 1970 but production has now stopped.

There was a time when these bars would be in the box I'd take to school for lunchtimes back when I was at high school.

I also remember, years before I started high school, there were adverts on the TV. The jingle sang out 'Don't Take Away My Breakaway'.

Considering I still remember it all these years later, I'd say the marketing team did its job.

Don't Take Away My Breakaway

I had seen a packet of them in my fridge within the last year or so. Had I known of their imminent demise, I would have had one.

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