Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Crap I Bought From Temu: February 13 2024 Edition

I ordered some more stuff from Temu a little over two weeks ago. The parcel allegedly came to my door on Saturday afternoon. However, Royal Mail claimed that nobody was home, so off it went back to the depot.

I then expected its arrival yesterday. It did show up. Then, late yesterday evening, I received a text message informing me the parcel was ready to be collected from the depot. I arranged for the items to be delivered today and they have finally passed into my hands.

For a reason you'll soon find out, it seems quite fitting the delayed deliveries resulted in it arriving today rather than Saturday or yesterday.

In this post, I'm going to open up the parcel and share with you most of the items I ordered.

First out is.. 

Temu Hat

.. a hat. 

I ordered a trio of these in different colours. This one was £3.08.

The next item is a bag which cost me a little under £7. This thing would keep popping up on Temu adverts whenever I would surf the Internet. Each time I would see it, I'd think to myself 'that would be a perfect place to keep my mobile photo printer when it isn't being used'. So, I had to get it.

Temu Bag

I could keep some of my pens in a pouch as well. 

Next up is a £3.19 cat litter scoop. It's supposed to be able to hold bags so you can easily throw the waste away.

Temu Cat Scoop

I don't really know why I bothered with this to be fair. My current method of doing the cat litter seems to work okay.

The next thing to leave the parcel is another thing for Oreo (well, the cat littler scoop was for me, but you get my point!).

Temu Cat Food Holder

A feeding tray. I don't know how the water bit will work because it looks like it won't as I sit her studying it. 

This item was £7.21.

Yo, Adrian! I now own a Rocky t-shirt.

Temu Rocky T-Shirt

To be fair, I thought this £7.38 shirt would look unlike what the image did on the Temu website. It doesn't look too bad. I'll hold back from giving it a full endorsement until after I've worn and washed it a few times, but - as of right now - I think it looks good.

Here's another t-shirt. It's something the teenage me would have bought immediately. This was recommended to me while browsing the Temu website and - just like the younger version of myself - I snapped it up without hesitation.

Temu Death Row Records T-Shirt

The Death Row Records t-shirt was £6.79. I don't like the material. My teenage self wouldn't have cared!

Speaking of Death Row and 'my teenage self'. I bought myself this gimmicky item because, yet again, here's something I 100% wanted back in the day. Albeit this is fake.

Temu Death Row Records Chain

A Death Row Records 'gold' chain. Real chains like these were worn by 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and other Death Row label members back in the mid-1990s. This one is a fun gimmick to own. I also bought one for my eldest nephew's birthday which is next week.

At this point in proceedings, I have had to look inside the parcel bag because I am worried something I wanted to share with you is not inside.

It doesn't look like it is and this has ruined today's post.

No, hold on!!

It is here. It found itself stuck to a bag. I shall continue and leave this item until last.

Next up are...

Temu Stuff

Things for my air fryer and when I make my own burger patties.

Temu Thug Life Sunglasses

A pair of Thug Life sunglasses for my youngest nephew.

And we get to the cheapest thing in the order. It's something which stood out to me when it popped up as I browsed the things on the website.

Temu Doom Game

This pin badge was £1.01. It is of a floppy disk of the computer game called Doom.

I have never played Doom. Nor have I ever watched the critically-panned Dwayne Johnson movie which spun off from the game. Yet, when I saw the badge, I knew I had to buy it.

Today is the twenty-first anniversary of my uncle's passing.

He loved playing those kinds of computer games. One of the many memories I have of talking to him about this genre of computer game was in the mid-1990s when he told me all about Doom.

At that time, Doom had yet to be released. My uncle had read stuff about it and was keen to see how it would turn out. He told me that the title would be a game changer. 

You see all these games like Call of Duty doing big business nowadays and you can see my uncle's instinct was right because Doom was the first-ever first person shooter. 

Everything has evolved in the gaming world many times since that conversation. Everything changed because of Doom.

My uncle would have relished life in this current gaming environment. 

I saw the badge on Temu and knew I had to buy it for him. And for it to arrive today of all days just makes it even more sentimental.

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