Wednesday, December 13, 2023

50 In


Amazon FreeVee is now fifty episodes into its Neighbours relaunch.

I thought I'd share some thoughts about the series after watching all 50 eps currently available to watch on the streaming platform.
  • Like I wrote a few times before today - Mischa Barton being in the cast was a negative. She brought nothing to her role of Reece Sinclair other than wooden acting. I was very disappointed in her performance
  • The new family, the Varga-Murphys, have been brilliant. They had a biggish storyline that has now been resolved
  • The new actor who plays Byron Stone has taken the role as his own 
  • Byron's sister - Nicolette - has also been replaced by a new actor. She has only just came back into the series, but - so far - I still prefer the OG Nicolette (and that is saying something because she annoyed me back when she was in it!)
  • I enjoyed the returns of some of the characters from the 80s and 90s. Especially Jessica Muschamp, who played Sharon Davies.
  • When the series ended last year, I felt sorry for the three members of the Rodwell Family because they had only just started out as residents of Ramsay Street. I was glad they all came back for the relaunch. Wendy Rodwell is annoying most of the time, but that's because she's meant to be!
  • Leo Tanaka is one of the most redundant characters in this new relaunch. So far?
  • Guy Pearce coming back as Mike (even though most of his scenes have been done through FaceTime etc) is still top in my book. Pearce is such a pro's pro to come back just to keep his character's and his real-life friends' characters moving along

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