Wednesday, November 15, 2023

End Of An Era: Caramac

I am still shook by the news that Nestle has decided to discontinue Caramac bars.

Caramac Bar

The caramel-based bar was created by Mackintosh's hence the name 'Cara' for caramel and 'Mac' for the company which created it. 

It has been on shelves since 1959, but Nestle - the company which manufactures it - announced last week that production will be discontinued due to low sales.

Such a shame.

To be fair - Caramac was not my go-to when it comes to giving myself a treat. I did like them, however. Others would argue that the confectionary item was too rich and sickly. To those people, I say 'fair point'. 

I had actually bought some Caramacs before I heard the news. I'm sure they'll be hard to track down now that the word is on the streets that the item will no longer be on sale.

The pictures both above and below could be images of the last ever Caramac I'll have.


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