Friday, November 10, 2023

The Bambi Drink

Yesterday was the fortieth anniversary of my grandmother's passing yesterday, so I thought I'd do something to honour it.

I stumbled across four bottles of Babycham when I was doing an online shop a couple of days ago. I bought them.

I had never tried Babycham before last night. I bought the pear-flavoured alcoholic drink because - one of the few memories I have from my childhood with my nan around - was seeing a bottle of Babycham at home and asking her if I could drink 'the Bambi drink'.

If you look at the logo, you'll understand why my smaller self thought Disney's famous deer was on the bottle.

My nan obviously didn't give me the drink. But, every time I've seen the logo since that time, I've always thought of her.

Tasting 'the Bambi drink' for the first time was what I did to honour my nan.

Babycham Bottle Top

It haven't tasted cider since my late-teens. Babycham reminded me of something I used to drink when I first started nightclubbing. It was a cider called Max Dry.

There are three bottles left. I shall finish those off, but - once they're gone - I doubt I'll ever drink another. 

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