Tuesday, October 10, 2023

I Try #NewKFCFries

When I was heading off to bed in the early hours of yesterday morning, I noticed that #NewKFCFries was trending on the social media brand formerly known as Twitter.

KFC's fries have been quite controversial over here in the UK because some have considered them a bland accompaniment to the popular chicken varieties on offer from the US fast food giant.

The company appears to have listened to that critique by introducing seasoned signature fries to its menu.

I gave them a try yesterday evening.

New KFC Fries

My picture is a bit crap. I thought I had taken a photo of the fries with some chicken, but I mustn't have. 

Regardless - I thought the new version of fries is an improvement even though I never really had any complaints about the previous fries.

I think they would satisfy those who may have complained in the past. The seasoning on the fries compliments the chicken. They go together well. Like a horse and carriage...

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