Saturday, October 28, 2023

Breaking Silence Is Not Punny

One of my current pet peeves, especially when browsing The Mirror newspaper's website, are stories which cover certain people breaking their silence over some current story they're associated with.

The other day, I scrolled through the list and counted at least THREE articles about different subjects all with the 'X Breaks Silence On..' 

I suppose the point is to grab potential readers.

But, here's my gripe.

For a person to 'break' their silence, aren't they meant to have made it clear - from the off - that they did not intend to speak about the situation?

The current breaking silence story on the site is 'BBC Strictly Come Dancing Adam Thomas breaks silence on future on show after battling illness'.

In my opinion, 'Adam Thomas Addresses His Strictly Future' is more attention grabbing. But, that's just me.

Here are more examples to highlight my point. This is from typing 'The Mirror Breaks Silence' into Google. All examples are from the past fortnight or so. Most within a week.

Breaks Silence Headlines

When you see 'breaks silence' on so many articles, you start to think the editors have become lazy. 

The Fleet Street mob from the past must be rolling in their graves at this.

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