Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Rodgers' Bad Start In NY

Three-and-a-half minutes. If that.

That's all it took for Aaron Rodgers' new career - as a New York Jets player - was halted.

The quarterback, who arrived from the Green Bay Packers during the off-season, appeared to have injured his Achilles in his first series during last night's game against the Buffalo Bills.

Aaron Rodgers' Injury (September 11 2023)

If the early prognosis turns out accurate, that will surely end Rodgers' season. 

What a bummer.

As you may have seen last week, I had a bet on the Jets to win the Super Bowl. I gambled in the hope that Rodgers would do what Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford have done in recent years by moving to a new team and instantly win a Super Bowl.

My bet aside, I am gutted for Rodgers. He has been one of my favourite QBs to root for post-Peyton Manning, so I obviously dislike this situation from a 'non-betting' perspective as well.

The Jets' previous starter - Zach Wilson - replaced Rodgers last night. The defence rose up and won the game in overtime with a score of 22-16.

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