Saturday, September 16, 2023

Trying Poutine For A Second Time

On July 21 2020, I published a post titled Trying Poutine For The First Time in which I wrote about, well.. trying poutine for the first time.

I closed off the post by stating that I would eat the Canadian food again and even noted I would 'try other offerings from the shop' I ordered the meal from.

With it having been way over three years since I made that vow, it was time to revisit Poutine Box's menu.

I found something 'New' which grabbed my attention.

Poutine Box (Montreal)

The box named 'Montreal' contained maple glazed chicken, turkey bacon, crispy onions as well as the chips (fries), curdled cheese and gravy.

Just like the box I had in 2020, I loved it. In a copy of what happened back then, I felt that I had far too much in my box (not a complaint!), so ended up leaving some to nibble on afterwards.

That's two out of two for enjoying poutine. I have plans to try a different box within the next few weeks. 

But, that's not all.

Whilst looking through the menu, I noticed the shop was selling corndogs.

I had always heard about corndogs at certain times in my life and had always wanted to try one. I kind of achieved that aim earlier this year (or possibly late last year) when I purchased some from Iceland's TGI Fridays range.  

Despite technically already having had a corndog before, I still wanted to have a 'proper' one. So, I bought one of those with my main order.

Poutine Box (Corndog)

The shop offered me a selection of dips to have with it. The most appropriate condiment - in my opinion, of course - was American mustard.

I enjoyed the corndog as well. The batter was much thicker than the supermarket corndogs I had previously. Having the pot of mustard - to dip it into - made the corndog all the more flavourful.

For some reason, I thought I had seen deep-fried Oreo cookies on the menu. However, upon looking at the menu while writing this post, I cannot see it listed. IF I do see them listed when I order the next time, I might try those as a dessert.

There 100% will be another next time. And it won't take me three-plus years for it to happen.

Poutine Box Cardiff

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