Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Colts Meet The Bills Later

The Indianapolis Colts begin their 2023 pre-season when they meet Buffalo Bills later today.

It's an interesting game because it'll be the first time I'll get to see the team's new quarterback - Anthony Richardson - play. He's reportedly going to start for his first professional team.

I'm intrigued to see how Richardson's career pans out. There are a lot of critics out there questioning whether he will become a bust in the long-term because of the lack of experience he has. Their opinions are going by Richardson's college stats. 

I obviously hope that he surprises those nay-sayers. But - those critics know what to look out for in stats. And that worries me.

The other thing about today's game is about the Colts' opponents.

My friend is a Bills fan and she has, over the years, gifted me pairs of socks here and there. I own a trio of Colts socks that I plan to wear during the coming regular season. However, seeing as she lives in Buffalo - she had sent me a pair of socks which have pictures of buffalos on them. Last season, I would wear those socks on days when the Bills played.

Earlier today I faced a dilemma - I didn't know which pair to wear.

Colts and Buffalo Socks

Actually, the last sentence was a lie. I am currently wearing the pair of Colts socks, of course!

As if I would wear something with buffalos on today of all days. Pah. 

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