Monday, July 24, 2023

The Bard Radio Project: Canada

Oh Canada. It was your turn to get the Bard Radio Project treatment last week when Google's AI recommended I visit its country's radio coverage to seek out a couple of stations.

The first channel I came across was named Q107 - a rock music station that broadcasts out of Toronto. 

Q107 Toronto

The first song that came on after I tuned in was Enter Sandman by Metallica. A great start, if I say so myself. 

More classics followed. Such names as Thin Lizzy came on in the hour-plus I spent tuned in. One song stood out, though. As far as I'm aware, I hadn't heard Fantasy by Aldo Nova before. I enjoyed it and was able to work out the title and artist using Shazam.

It looks like the song came out in 1982. I'm surprised I hadn't heard it until this week. Most important to note is the fact that Aldo Nova is a Canadian rock band. 

That's a win for the Bard Radio Project because I found Canadian music!

I also found at least one Canadian singer when I scrolled through the radio on Friday morning before my alarm sounded to tell me to get up.

Moose 100.1 FM is a country music station. I was able to catch a few songs as I lay awake waiting to for the alarm. Considering I know very little about that genre of music, I couldn't tell if the performers were Canadian.

However, just as my alarm began to go off, the song which came on was Shania Twain's 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!'

'She's Canadian!' I exclaimed as I switched off the radio having reached the goal of hearing Canadian music on another Canadian radio station.

Moose 100.1FM Canadian Country

To be fair, Moose deserved more of a listen. I only spent twenty minutes or so listening early one morning. However, and as I've already established, Country isn't my kind of music. 

With that stated, the goal of these posts is to sample music from the countries I have tuned into. I achieved that with both Moose FM and Q107.

The latter is a station I guarantee I'll visit again in the future. It has been added to my radio's preset list.

* * *

Next week will be the penultimate edition of the Bard Radio Project for this 'season'. I have been tasked with listening to stations broadcasting out of Antigua and Barbuda. That should be interesting.

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