Friday, June 16, 2023

Expendables 4 Is Coming Very Soon

I watched the trailer for the fourth The Expendables movie the other day.

This series of movies is a guilty pleasure of mine because of the cast lists that have appeared in the films. It's a who's who of some of my favourite action movies from my childhood.

The new edition sees Sylvester Stallone reprise his role of Barney Ross. Also back with him are the likes of Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham.

Here's an image of the poster. Notice how the logo replaces the A with a 4? That's quite cool.


One new character will be played by Levy Tran. I know Tran from the latter seasons of the MacGyver reboot. She played one of MacGyver's allies on the team. Her character had a military background, so she got into a lot of scrapes. Winning a part in an Expendables movie seems like a perfect career segue, if I say so myself.

The movie is set to hit cinemas on September 22nd in the US. Back when the previous films came out on Blu-ray, I would end up getting a copy for those respective Christmases and found myself sitting back on Boxing Days to watch them. 

I hope I can replicate those Boxing Days of 2010, 2012 and 2014. For that to happen, I need the film to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray in time for the festive period.

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