Thursday, June 15, 2023

Heading Back To '95 (Slowly)

The NFL betting database, that I use for my American football wagering posts on this blog, has been getting some attention for the past few weeks.

When I last used it, I had records dating back to 2001. I am currently putting the final touches to 1998, so - if I were to finish this week - I'll be able to use all games played between 1998 and last season to look for any pointspread or totals trends.

I don't plan to end at '98, though. 

I could go back to 1992. However, the goal I have right now is 1995. That seems like a perfect year to target because it was when the league expanded to a thirty-team league by introducing Carolina and Jacksonville.

With that said, if I feel compelled to go beyond 1995 - in time before the 2023 season - I could. 

As of the early hours of tomorrow morning, here in the UK, there will be 12 weeks left before the 2023 NFL season kicks off.

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