Saturday, June 17, 2023

An A.I. Scam Call (I Think)

I had one of the most incredible, yet scary, scam calls ever yesterday afternoon.

It came from someone claiming to be an energy representative for my area and wanted to ask me some questions.

After every pause in the person's sentences, I noticed there was a noise. This lead me to conclude that the voice was artificial even though it sounded genuine and not robotic.

I then started shouting 'excuse me' repeatedly down the phone while the 'person' was in the midst of saying something just to see if it would react in any way.

It stopped.


I then told the caller that it was a robot to see how it would react. Then, after the noise (which I believe has to be the program running some diagnostics to work out how to respond), it told me that it wasn't a robot and that they were communicating in the way they were speaking because it had to read from a script.

After that explanation, I didn't know if I had falsely accused a person of being a robot. Hindsight makes me certain, though. It just didn't feel like I was having a genuine conversation with a human being.

The scary thing is that - if it had me doubting that I had it all wrong - imagine all those people out there who don't, or won't, realise it is AI until it's too late.

Even scarier - this could be a sign of things to come for the scammers and - unfortunately - their victims.

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