Friday, May 05, 2023

The Spacey Stacy Conundrum

A couple of childhood memories hit me like shots this morning, when I tore off a page to reveal today's special day on my Garbage Pail Kids 2023 Calendar.

Seeing as it is 'National Space Day', the Garbage Pail Kid of the day is Spacey Stacy who - according to the note underneath the picture - appeared in the second edition of the original series of cards. 

There was a mixed reaction when I uncovered the picture.

Firstly - the name reminded me of a girl three of four years older than me at primary school (when I was first collecting these cards). I recall her surname was 'Stacy' or 'Stacey' and I would call her 'Spacey Stacy'.

I cannot recall this girl ever being at high school. Today might have been the first time since the 1980s that I've thought about her. 

Now, here's the important part of today's post.

That isn't the Garbage Pail Kid I remember.

The Spacey Stacy I had in my collection looked more like R2-D2 given a Garbage Pail Kids makeover. I have looked on Google before writing today's post and found a few images. Here are a couple from eBay.

Spacey Stacy

There must have been a story behind the decision to give two Garbage Pail Kids identical names. Of course they were both in separate sets with the Artoo lookalike appearing in the first series and then the second one popping up in the next.

Google isn't helping, though. The results are all about Kevin Spacey and that's an entirely different story in itself.

Happy National Space Day, if you celebrate it.

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