Monday, May 01, 2023

Heinz Bringz Back Itz Beanz Pizza

For many years, I had a recollection of eating a Heinz Baked Beans pizza one night after school, college or work. 

I cannot pinpoint when. However, I know for a fact it was made by Heinz. 

And it was certainly a pizza with baked beans on top.

I've often thought that it was something I had imagined because of how, after that one occasion from a memory that may as well be from someone else's lifetime, I had never seen them in a supermarket again.

That all changed recently. 

I've finally found them back out in the wild.

Heinz Beanz Pizza

As you can see above, the packaging claims that these pizzas are 'new'. That is slightly misleading because they were for sure around many years ago. 

I cooked one up over the weekend to embark on this 'beans on pizza' renaissance. It came out okay, and tasted.. fine, I suppose.

Heinz Beanz Pizza

I would close by saying 'it's not something I would go out of my way to eat one again', but - considering I spent years thinking I had imagined their previous existence - the form indicates I could very well end up going out of my way to eat another one the next time they come back from a lengthy hiatus.

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