Tuesday, May 02, 2023

A Biggie Birthday Card

Have you ever seen one of the Mr Bean skits where he goes for a birthday meal on his own, writes a birthday card to himself and then pretends to be surprised when he opens it?

That's very close to something I have done.

Whilst browsing through Etsy a few weeks ago, I came across a really cool hand crafted birthday card with the late Notorious B.I.G on it.

If you didn't know Biggie Smalls is one of my favourite rappers, now you know.

I had to get one of those cards. Knowing it would be rude to ask family members or friends to buy one for me, I opted to - in true Mr Bean fashion - buy one for myself.

As you can see below, the image on the front of the card has Biggie's head wearing a crown. Quite fitting considering what is happening later this week, if I say so myself. 

Below the iconic image of Biggie wearing a crown, albeit in cartoon form, are the words 'Birthdays was the worst days' which is a line from his song - Juicy - which is the song that introduced me to Biggie when I saw its music video on Yo! MTV Raps in late 1994.

Notorious B.I.G Birthday Card

The line in the song goes 'birthdays was the worst days... now we sip Champagne when we thirsty'. Now that I've explained that, the inner part of the card should make more sense (if you didn't already know the song or its lyrics).

Notorious B.I.G Birthday Card

This is a really cool thing to have. It was created by a couple of artists on Etsy named Sinead and Beth (along with their dogs!).  I've taken a picture of the business detail they sent with my card in case anyone else would like to get hold of one of these birthday cards.

Sinead & Peggy

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