Sunday, May 21, 2023

Andy Rourke

If you know me well, you're bound to be aware that Guns N' Roses and The Smiths are on equal footing when it comes to my favourite bands/groups. 

It's quite an irony that those two favourites of mine both combusted after laying down some historical albums that are still popular all this time later.

In the case of the former, there have been comebacks albeit not with the complete lineup of original members. As for the latter - they appear to never have entertained the idea since disbanding in 1987.

Selfishly, I thought 'that's it' to whatever miniscule (ie - NO) chance  there ever was of a Smiths reunion yesterday upon hearing that bassist - Andy Rourke - had passed away.

Andy Rourke

His work is all over my favourite Smiths tunes. And not only that - Rourke also worked on a good chunk of Morrissey's early stuff when the frontman went solo following The Smiths' break-up.

Andy Rourke

I think Morrissey said it best, on Friday, when he stated that Rourke will never die as long as the music is still there.

Rourke's rhythms are lights that will never go out.

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