Friday, February 24, 2023

The Police Van Clip

I came across a video on Twitter today that was appalling. A reaction to it was equally disturbing.

The clip showed a bunch of children hanging around a police vehicle. The van was unattended, but the youths were able to open the front and side doors.

They proceeded to through things out from inside the van. Uniform ended up scattered on the floor by the van.

I found myself aghast. There is no way that sort of thing would have happened during my childhood. The thought of doing that would never have entered my brain. I struggle to imagine anyone I had ever known at my schools to have done that. Trust me, that is saying something considering some of the pupils who went to my schools!

It was a reflection of the current times. A dreadful reflection at that.

What bothered me even more was a response I came across.

Along with all of the replies I agreed with, I found one I didn't.

The person defended the actions as 'they're just being mischievous children' (or something along those lines).

Just mischievous? Who were they trying to kid?

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