Sunday, January 22, 2023

My Divisional Round NFL DFS Team (2022 Season)

Here is the team I've entered into the daily fantasy NFL football contest for tonight's two divisional playoff games.

Divisional Round DFS Team (2022 Season)

The team I constructed for last Sunday's wild card games came very short when it came to a payout.

DFS NFL Wild Card Result 2022 Season

As you can see, my team finished in 56,679th place out of 238,095 entries with a total score of 122.34. 

It was 0.10 points short of a payout.

DFS NFL Wild Card Sunday 2022 Season Stats
It looks like the green payout zone began in the 122.44 range. 0.10 short!? 

American Football sure is a game of inches.

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