Monday, January 30, 2023

Chiefs/Eagles Is On

Super Bowl LVII is now set.

It'll be contested between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles following both teams' conference championship wins last night.

I was able to watch the Eagles' win over the San Francisco 49ers. I went to bed with the intention of watching the Chiefs versus Bengals game when I woke up. However, my cable box only recorded one minute of content. 

Plan B was forced upon me. I asked Siri and was told the Chiefs won 23-20. I looked the reaction on Twitter and it appears, based on what I've read, that the Bengals were robbed.

It's all in the books now. All eyes on February 12th.

Kansas City versus Philadelphia is the game I didn't want to see out of the four possible outcomes ahead of last night's games.

It does have a few intriguing storylines, though.

The first Super Bowl which will have two black quarterbacks as starters for their respective teams. Then there is the subplot that Andy Reid, who coaches the Chiefs, will be opposing a team he once coached. 

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