Tuesday, January 03, 2023

DFS Results Over Christmas '22 And New Year

Due to Christmas and the New Year, it has been a while since I last wrote about the daily fantasy football teams I have entered into competitions. 

Here is an update starting with the squad I created for the Christmas Eve fixtures.

Week 16 

NFL Daily Fantasy Foorball Team - Week 16 2022

The team I built for the Christmas Eve slate of games picked up a total of 144.7 points and finished in 7.410th place out of 238,095 entries.

My score of 144.7 was enough to win £15 back from the £5 entry fee. It appears as though the cut-off for a payout was 120.08.

Week 17
Week 17's team only scored 68.74 total points.

DFS - Week 17 (2022 Season)

The score certainly wasn't enough to be anywhere near the payout zone. Looking at the information, it appears as though the teams which picked up at least 107.56 points came away with returns.

My team was positioned in 217,269th place out of 238,095 entries. I certainly was on the low end of that game, wasn't I?

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