Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas TV: '82, '87, '92 And '97

On Christmas Eve of last year, I published a post titled Christmas TV: '81, '86, '91 and '96 in which I took a look at archived television schedules to see what the big movies were in those respective years.

In today's post, I'll take another trip down Memory Lane. This time, I'll look at what was on the box in 1982, '87, 1992 and '97.

On Christmas Day of 1982, the film following the Queen's speech was Disney's The Parent Trap. This would have obviously been the original version - from 1961 - which starred Hayley Mills. Lindsay Lohan had yet to be born in '82.

Over on BBC 1, the 1978 film titled International Velvet was on after the Queen. I hadn't heard of it before, but looked at the cast and it is filled with some big names like Tatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummer, Nanette Newman and Anthony Hopkins.

The evening movies were The Black Hole (ITV, 8PM) and Death on the Nile (BBC 1, 8:15PM).

This would have been the first Christmas for Channel 4. It had the 1924 film - The Navigator - on at 4PM and then ended the night with an airing of Richard III.

The BBC 1 offering for Christmas afternoon was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I remember recording that one. 

Over on ITV, we had an abundance of Disney films with Mickey's Christmas Carol on at 11:00AM. That was followed by Dumbo. Then - later in the day, and following the Queen's message - was Alice in Wonderland. It didn't end there. The final Disney film of the day was Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

The Spy Who Loved Me came on before the Queen.

BBC 2 had White Christmas on its schedule for Christmas morning of 1987.

It was another Indiana Jones Christmas on the BBC in 1992 when it had Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as the big movie of the day.

Over on ITV, the movie of Supergirl came on after the Queen.

ITV had Three Fugitives (I watched an advanced screening when it was making its theatrical release back the 80s) and the hockey movie - Youngblood - airing later that day.

BBC 1's evening movies were Shirley Valentine and Earthquake.

BBC 2's offerings for the day were Dangerous Liaisons at 9PM and then Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window played between 11:50PM and the early hours of Boxing Day.

ITV's big film of Christmas Day 1997 was The Muppet Christmas Carol. However, later that day, it also aired another biggie in Home Alone II: Lost in New York.

It was a Rick Moranis day with ITV airing Honey, I shrunk the Kids in the morning while BBC 1's big film was The Flintstones which had Moranis cast as Barney Rubble to John Goodman's Fred Flintstone.

BBC's morning movie was the excellent Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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