Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas TV: '81, '86, '91 And '96

I have spent a bit of time, over the past year, looking through TV listings articles to see what was on the box on particular days.

I thought I'd spend today looking at what was on TV on Christmas Day at four points during my life.

I'll start with 1981 and end with what I may have been watching twenty-five years ago.


I doubt I would have been paying any attention to what was on TV in 1981. However, looking at the listings, it looks like the big feature on ITV on Christmas Day that year was The Muppet Movie.

BBC's afternoon/early evening film was In Search of the Castaways. 


Channel 4 had launched in 1982 and, in 1986, it had The Snowman on as its film for Christmas Day. I'm certain it would have been a repeat, though.

ITV had Dumbo as the afternoon movie while the Beeb aired Annie.


The winner of the battle for movie of Christmas 1991 had to have gone to the BBC as BBC 1 aired Batman during the evening.

To be fair, I would have enjoyed the offerings on ITV as well. During the day, it had The BFG, Pinocchio, For Your Eyes Only (even though it isn't a Roger Moore Bond film), Crocodile Dundee II and Police Academy IV.


The BBC did it again in 1996. The big feature was Jurassic Park, which aired at 6:30PM

I don't recall how good it is, but ITV had Dennis as its movie of the day. Seems like a bum fight having a blockbuster up against Dennis. Or maybe that's just me.

Hope you enjoyed that short look back through history.

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