Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Good Guess(?)

I had a look back at my predictions for 2022 a couple of days ago and couldn't help but shake my head at one of them.

Right at the bottom of the January 1st post, I wrote the following.

And how about this one: Vince McMahon will no longer be in charge of WWE by 11:59PM GMT December 31 2022

I had forgotten all about that prediction. 

What I wrote was a guess that McMahon would sell WWE. I obviously didn't expect what actually happened with McMahon seemingly forced deciding to retire following an investigation into his history of relationships with members of his staff.

It could be argued that McMahon is still 'in charge of WWE', though. As far as I am aware he still holds the majority in shares. 

There is another prediction I made which made me laugh, but that's a story for later this year when I go through each guess and say whether I was right or wrong.

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