Tuesday, October 11, 2022

My Guesses In Cadbury's Mystery Dairy Milk Comp

On August 27th, I wrote about taking part in Cadbury's latest promotion in which the chocolate makers released two 'Mystery Dairy Milk' bars and allowed people to guess what the flavours were.

The closing date for entries has now expired, so it's now time for me to tell you what I thought the flavours were.

I felt that Mystery Bar 01 - as it's called -  was 'sticky toffee pudding'. As for the second bar; I thought that had a strawberry taste to it, so I went with 'strawberry cheesecake'.

Cadbury's Mystery Dairy Milk Promotion 2022

There were frequent clues given out by Cadbury's as the promotion was in-progress. However, I didn't bother to pay attention, so my guesses might look silly to those who may have closely followed everything teased.

The Cadbury website has not revealed what the flavours were just yet. As of the time of writing, the page states that 'The Mystery Has Been Solved' and that we'll find out what the mysteries were 'very soon'.

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