Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Aiming For 2-0

Here's how it is right now.

NFL Fantasy Score Week 2 Before MNF

My NFL fantasy team has 66.30 points after Sunday's games. My opponent for this week is on 97.06.

Now, here's where things become interesting. My rival has used up all of his players. I still have three left in Buffalo Bills' quarterback: Josh Allen, Bills kicker: Tyler Bass and the Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver: DeVonta Smith.

I need 30.76 points from those three players to take the victory and go 2-0. 

The Bills versus Tennessee game kicks off in fifteen minutes from now while the Eagles' home game against the Minnesota Vikings will begin at 1:30AM.

The team finished off winning with a score of 121.98 to the aforementioned 97.06. Josh Allen scored 29.58, Tyler Bass had 11 and DaVonta Smith picked up 15.

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