Wednesday, September 21, 2022


I keep seeing and hearing people comment about Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby allegedly jumping the queue to see the Queen as she was lying-in-state last week.

The This Morning hosts were able to go to Westminster Hall because of their work as broadcasters.

Here are some notes worth pondering.

- Their visit took place on Friday. The pair do not work on Fridays. The show was not even on air on Friday due to coverage of King Charles' visit to Cardiff

- Susanna Reid, who - in my opinion - had more right to skip the queue because of her work as a news broadcaster on Good Morning Britain, did not use her privilege and took to the queue. And, without putting words in her mouth, I'm sure she got the full experience for herself and the nation (Phil and Holly claimed they did what they did for the people who were unable to attend themselves, so I'm using their defence here)

- Holly and Phil were not going to be back at work until the day after the funeral. By the time they took to the air, wouldn't sharing their experience of viewing the lying-in-state be seen as old news by then? 

- Did they go into London on Monday to experience anything else? If they went to the lying-in-state in the capacity as broadcasters, shouldn't they have also done additional things like watch the procession to - you know - cover the full story like broadcast journalists do?

- This Morning's reporter - Alice Beer -broadcasted from the queue a day or so before Holly and Phil's visit. She mentioned that she had visited Westminster Hall under the capacity as a broadcast journalist. That, in my opinion, should have been enough as it pertains This Morning's 'coverage/insight' into the historic moment

- I can understand their argument that they didn't jump THE queue. However, I cannot help but feel they misused their status to get the exclusive entry that was afforded to news broadcasters and reporters. This Morning already had its story through Alice Beer. That should have been it considering the fact that This Morning was not going back on air until after the burial

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