Monday, August 15, 2022

The Switch

I rarely watch preseason NFL football. However, over the weekend, I noticed that the Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills were set to play live on the NFL Network on Saturday evening, so I thought I would check it out.

Initially, I thought I'd watch the first quarter just to see some of the Colts' starters. Then, I found myself sticking with it. 

I was enjoying the game until near the closing three or four minutes when the Bills tied it 24-24. Hoping for a Colts late-drive to win the game, my attention was focused one hundred percent on the game. The ball eventually ended up back with the Bills. 

And then the people at the NFL Network thought it best to get to the kickoff of the Seattle Seahawks versus Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Yes, the channel decided to quit on a 24-24 game before its conclusion. 

I went onto Twitter and noticed a lot of people complaining about the decision. I agreed with them. No way should the channel's operators have moved away from that game before the result was confirmed.

Minutes later, the NFL Network had a split screen with both games side-by-side, the main focus - however- was on the new game.

The Bills went on to win it with a field goal.

I hate American TV so much.

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