Wednesday, August 24, 2022

An Intriguing Stuffed Crust Pizza

The commercialisation of American football caught back up with me last week. 

Sort of.

You see, while watching the American NFL Network, I came across an advert for a pepperoni stuffed crust pizza that's on sale in the Papa John's stores over there. Curious, I checked to see if they sold those bases here in the UK.

They don't. 

However, I came across something I felt compelled to try.

For a limited time, Papa John's UK is selling stuffed crust pizzas with Branston pickle along with the cheese.

A few days after visiting the website, and working out that I could only buy the special crust with a regular cheese and tomato pizza (and not any other variety), I ordered one.

Branston Pickle Stuffed Crust Pizza

The pizza was delicious. I had switched the tomato base to barbecue because I always do that. However, the cheese, sauce and dough teamed up well.

As for the crust - it was more enjoyable than I had anticipated. I had lowered my expectations due to having tried the Marmite and cheese stuffed crust a few years ago. I had found it to be quite bland (this coming from a Marmite lover).

With the dough being so, for want of a better word: doughy, the crust - along with the rest of the pizza - it felt like, at times, I was eating an extravagant cheese and pickle sandwich.

Anyone who likes cheese and pickle sandwiches will love this pizza. I am sure of it. However, I'm stating this with the preface that I had barbecue sauce on my base instead of tomato puree.

I would absolutely consider buying one of those pizzas again. That's something I didn't consider with the Marmite crust.

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