Thursday, August 25, 2022

Return Of The Gladiators

I've just read an article which reveals that Gladiators is making a return to British TV.

It seems like interesting timing once you consider that it's nearly the thirtieth anniversary of the programme's debut on ITV.

This time, however, it's the BBC which is going to air the competitive game show which sees regular people (the contenders) take on Gladiators in physical combat events.

The programme was inspired by American Gladiators which was a somewhat popular programme to late-night TV viewers in the early 1990's.

Today's story claims that Gladiators is back 'after two decades off screen', but that is not accurate. 

A reboot was commissioned by Sky TV in 2008 and ran for three seasons. The original Gladiators - which was on ITV - kicked off in 1992 with its last broadcast airing in early 2000.

The new version is set to air sometime in 2023.

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