Thursday, June 09, 2022

Rating Drink Powders VII

I bought three more packets of drink mixes a few weeks ago and thought I'd do another post in which I rate them.

In this edition, I try powders from the Kool-Aid, Country Time and Sonic brands.

Drink Powders (June 2022)

Kool-Aid Tropical Punch
Tropical Punch is my favourite Kool-Aid flavour, so - when I saw they had an 'On The Go!' version of it - I had to try it.

It tasted almost like how I remembered it. It wasn't as sweet, though. Obviously because of the lack of sugar.

Even though it was lacking somewhat, a sip did take me back to a time when I enjoyed Kool-Aid of this variety. That's worth a few quarters of a star alone.

Rating: *** 3/4

Country Time Raspberry Lemonade
I had Country Time Lemonade in May of 2021 for the first Rating Drinks Powders. I gave it three-and-a-half stars and noted that it reminded me of traditional lemonade I usually buy from supermarkets. This is similar to the traditional pink lemonade that is usually found at supermarkets as well.

If I gave the Country Time Lemonade three-and-a-half, it's only fair I do the same for this flavour. 

Rating: *** 1/2

Sonic Strawberry Lemonade
I tried a couple of Sonic drink powders last month. Both received three-and-a-half stars. I'm not keen on strawberry flavoured drinks, and this did nothing to improve that opinion. Therefore, I have to go low.

Another thing which works against this drink is it took a while for the powder to dissolve. That didn't seem to happen with the other two varieties from Sonic.

Rating: **

The Result
It's a win for Kool-Aid's powder. To be fair, seeing as that is my favourite regular Kool-Aid drink, it shouldn't be surprising. 

Expect a spin-off from these 'Rating Drink Powders' posts in the future. That's all I'm saying for now.

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