Saturday, May 07, 2022

2 Arrowverse Shows Done

Earlier this week, or maybe late last week, I found out that two Arrowverse shows have not been renewed for new seasons.

The programmes are Batwoman and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

As I have written in the past, I disliked Batwoman. So, no big loss to me. In regards to the latter - I have watched Legends each week and - even though I have been committed to following it - I am somewhat glad it's over.

Legends was great when it first began. It lost its way by being too cute a long time ago. It was time to cut bait.

Put it like this - if it had been renewed, it might have been me cutting bait before it reached a demise. I wrote, a couple of months ago, that it was becoming a chore to follow the DC shows.

I'll always recall a review I read of Legends which stated that the producers and writers attempt to purposely make it jump the shark each and every week. As soon as I read that notion, I was on board saying 'yes, they're so right!' yet - at that time - I was down with the fun stories.

The series became repetitive and unfunny over the last handful of years. It lost a lot of characters I had liked and the replacements didn't do anything for me. Just like other shows that became before it, and will come after, a point always arrives when there's that realisation that enough is enough.

This isn't a 'good riddance', it's a 'Thanks, but your time is up'.

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