Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Post In Which I Draw And Write About Batwoman

Do you think my picture of Batwoman looks bad? 

Well - believe me when I tell you it's a masterpiece if compared to my opinion of the television series!

I had a look back at previous posts the other day and noticed that I hadn't written anything about how much I disliked it. I am surprised that I didn't write anything. I looked back through old text messages and emails and I had told friends of mine how much I detested the first few episodes I watched.

I gave up on episode three or four. However, and as I wrote late last year, I had to watch the episode that was part of the Arrowverse Crossover event - Crisis On Infinite Earths.  Other than that, I couldn't tolerate the poor dialogue and stories any longer.

Another thing that turned me off was the way it was filmed. The best way I can convey myself on that one is to liken it to one of those cheap made-for-TV movies. However, I am sure the programme had a large budget, so maybe saying it was reminiscent of made-for-TV movie isn't accurate. It's how it came across to me, though.

As for the acting - there wasn't anything that bothered me that much. I'd have to say the writing didn't help them.

And - after all that - it's time to cover the elephant in the room.

The series' star - Ruby Rose - has sensationally left the role. Therefore, a new person will don the Batwoman costume next season.

I admit, I'm intrigued to see how the producers fix this dilemma. 

With that said, I'm absolutely not intrigued enough to sit through another episode. I'll read the reviews instead.

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