Friday, February 18, 2022

Return Of The Heroes

I did some searching around to find out news about the return of some of the superhero programmes I watch on Sky. 

It looks like I don't have much longer to wait until they come back.

Both of the new seasons of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are set to start in March.

Even though I have been looking out for them, I'm not sure how much longer my interest will be retained. I've struggled to find the will to go out of my way to watch them now that it has been two years since Arrow ended.

Arrow really was the glue which kept those shows together. What also doesn't help is other Arrowverse series' - such as Batwoman  - were not picked up by Sky and are not synched with the other shows. This is particularly important in the event there are crossovers.

As I've already stated - it really is a struggle to follow everything. Especially for those of us in the UK and Ireland who are behind the US airings. Which is a shame.

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