Sunday, November 28, 2021

My Week 12 Fantasy Football Team (2021)

Here is the team I've entered into this weekend's daily fantasy football contest for the NFL.

Week 12 2O21 - Daily Fantasy Sports Football Entry

I have two sets of results to share with you following last Sunday's post.

Week 11 2021 DFS Result

The team I created for week 11 saw me get a return of £10 from my £5 entry fee.

The players scored a total of 133.26 points and finished in 38,692nd place out of 402,450 entries.

As mentioned, in Thursday's post, I also selected a squad made up of players in the batch of Thanksgiving games.

Thanksgiving 2021 DFS Result

The players picked up 115.82 points. If I am reading the payoff image below correctly, it looks like I may have missed the money by 0.58. 

DFS 2021 - Thanksgiving Cut Off

As you can see, the team finished in 83,858 position out of 357,142 entries.

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