Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The 5-0 Win

Darren Peacock 12'
David Ginola 30'
Les Ferdinand 63'
Alan Shearer 75'
Philippe Albert 83'

Today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of one of my favourite moments as a football fan.

The amazing 5-0 win by Newcastle United over Manchester United on Sunday October 19th 1996.

The game was played a few months after the two teams met at Wembley Stadium for the Charity Shield. On that day, the Red Devils won 4-0.

After the game, my friend called over. As we walked up to meet other friends he wouldn't stop telling me 'Kevin Keegan has got to go'. His intention to wind me up. At the time, Keegan was my hero. 

The rematch - if you can call it that - was revenge for Newcastle. They went one better scoring five against their title rivals. 

I was sat at home watching it alone. My father must have been at work. I don't know where my mother and sister were, but they certainly weren't in my living room because I remember sitting on the phone talking to a friend at the time who had no interest in football. I recall sitting there talking and loudly becoming excited as the goals flooded. God knows what she thought. 

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Newcastle United was my team back then. That day was - for sure - one of my favourite memories as a follower of the team.

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