Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Memories Flooding Back

I have just sat myself down at the laptop with nothing to write about. My Apple HomePod is playing music to try and incite some sort reaction from my blogger's block.

And here it is.

The HomePod is currently playing I Luv U Baby by The Original.

Released in late-1994 (according to Wikipedia), the song is one of the songs which takes me back to my early days of clubbing. It was played a lot during the summer of 1995 - the time when I left high school.

This song would surely make it to a soundtrack album of songs from my life. 

If it were to be a multi-CD set that is.

The song right after I Luv U Baby is Move Your Body by Xpansions. It reminds me of early years of high school. It won't make the cut for that soundtrack even though I like it.

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