Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Doing A Tricky Codewords Puzzle

I had a new Codewords puzzle book for my birthday.

It's from The Telegraph newspaper and is titled 'All New Codewords'. It looked like a regular codewords book at first. 

The Telegraph All New Codewords 1

But, as the saying goes - don't judge a book by its cover. 

The Telegraph All New Codewords 1

I read the introduction and was put off by the part which warned that the puzzles in the book are more difficult to other codewords puzzles that I was used to.

The trepidation I had, when I read the warning, wasn't eased when I turned to puzzle one. On that page, I noticed that The Telegraph gives its readers a two letter head-start. 

The Telegraph All New Codewords 1

I'm used to being given four letters to start off with. Three at a push.

Anyway, I managed to talk myself into giving it a go. And - to be fair - I did better than I thought I would.

The Telegraph All New Codewords 1

I completed it in twenty-three minutes and forty-four seconds. The time is around the same ballpark number I accomplish with the three-or-four letter head-starts. 

You'll notice that there is something edited out of the image above. 

Upon completion of each puzzle, I put the date on it. Puzzle number one was done on my birthday. However, when I went to fill in the day, I accidentally put my birthdate down instead. 

So - I didn't 'mess up' the puzzle. I simply screwed up what should have been the easiest part of completing it!

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