Thursday, May 06, 2021

MacGyver Cancelled

I've recently found that the reboot of MacGyver has been cancelled after five seasons.

I've been watching the programme since it first aired on Sky One over here in the UK months and was looking for news on the fifth season making its way to Sky.

I didn't find any UK airdates, but read that the final episode of season five was televised on Friday in the US and it was the series finale.

The original MacGyver was a programme I loved as a child in the 1980's. The adult version of me was intrigued when the reboot debuted a few years ago and I stuck with it watching it each week. I have been eagerly looking forward to season five.

Now I know it'll be the last.

I'll miss it. 

Maybe in thirty years time, the old age pensioner version of me will be hyped for another reboot..

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